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October 2, 2011

Tutorial – my never ending summer

October 1, 2011

my never ending summer

First of all I want to say really sorry for the delay of all answers. I’ve got a new job, starting new education degree, moving to a new place and that’s all for the past two months. So I was kind of busy to make new stuff. But here I am again… hope wasn’t forget to do nails 😀 

As the title says – that really reminds me of the summer, sun and the sea. This design doesn’t take a lot of time – just grab some different nail polishes, dotting tool and a brush and start making whatever you want.

I used Rimmel (080 black cab) for the base, Essence (75 trying to be cool and 38 choose me!) for the tapping technique with the sponge and also Flormar (37). For the dots – black and white acrylic paints.

Hope you like it ^^